How Many Days Until Flag Day in US 2018?

How Many Days Until Flag Day 2018?

When: 14 June 2018 – Thursday (US)

In case you wonder how many days until Flag Day, you can learn everything about it with the countdown we have located above.

How Many Weeks Until Flag Day?

How Many Months Until Flag Day?

What Is Flag Day?

This special day is celebrated in different countries but not all of them celebrate it as well. The Flag Day originated with the goal of celebrating the official acceptance of the US flag. However, most of the countries celebrate this day in order to show the love they have for the flag of their own country.

Why Is Flags Day Celebrated?

Flags are the official symbol of the countries and they are the main indicator of a specific country. Each flag is designed in a unique way however some of the flags of certain countries look quite similar. This is mainly because they declared their independence while they were a part of the same country in the past.

Celebrating this day will increase awareness for the importance of their flag which represents the citizens of the country they were born and living in. It encourages nationalist feelings in people and most of the celebrations are a great opportunity for governments and politicians to represent their own views about their countries.

What Can You Do On Flag Day?

The governments but especially the armies of the countries organize various events in many cities but especially in their capital. You may want to consider to attend one of these events. In case your country declared this day as the public holiday, you may pack your bags and go on a vacation. Events similar to governments’ or armies’ are being organized by many schools and universities as well. In the event that you have a child which attends to school, you can go and attend the event with your child in order to have some good time with him or her.

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