How Many Days Until Eurovision Song Contest? 2018

How Many Days Until Eurovision Song Contest?

When: May 8-12, 2018

How Many Weeks Until Eurovision Song Contest?

How Many Months Until Eurovision Song Contest?

When is Eurovision Song Contest?

Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 8-12, 2018

2017 Eurovision contest took place in Ukraine. The song named “Amar Pelos Dois” which was sung by Portuguese Salvador Sobral won the contest.

Where Will the 2018 Eurovision Contest Take Place?

The following contest will take place in the country of the previous winner of Eurovision Contest. The contest which held in Ukraine was won by Portuguese representative

Eurovision Song Contest held in 1956 for the first time. Eurovision was derived from San Remo Song Contest for the first time and held in Switzerland in 1956 with the participation of Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy and Switzerland won the first Eurovision song contest.

how many days till eurovisionThe purpose of Eurovision song contest is about the substructure of television broadcasting rather than musical principles. Contrary to what most of the people believe; Eurovision contest is not carried out in order to evaluate the quality of musical works but evaluate the quality of international live television broadcasting. Eurovision song contest is carried out to strengthen the quality of live broadcasting and arranging technical specifications of broadcasting since live broadcasts among the countries was really poor in the 1950s.

According to the estimations, Eurovision song contest had become an international live broadcasting organization which has 500 million viewers. While Ireland is the country which won Eurovision song contest most with 7 wins, United Kingdom became the country which hosted the Eurovision contest most by hosting the organization for 8 times.

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