How Many Days Until Lent Ends 2018?

How Many Days Until Lent Ends?

Lent ends on: March 31, 2018 – Saturday

How Many Weeks Until Lent Ends?

How Many Months Until Lent Ends?

When is Lent?

Year Lent starts on Lent ends on
2018 February 14 (Wednesday) March 31 (Saturday)
2019 March 6 (Wednesday) April 20 (Saturday)
2020 February 26 (Wednesday) April 11 (Saturday)
2021 February 17 (Wednesday) April 3 (Saturday)
2022 March 2 (Wednesday) April 16 (Saturday)
2023 February 22 (Wednesday) April 8 (Saturday)
2024 February 14 (Wednesday) March 30 (Saturday)
2025 March 5 (Wednesday) April 19 (Saturday)

In case you wonder how many days until Lent ends, then it is possible for you to check it through the countdown we located above.

Lent is one of the Christian holidays which believers do not consume any foods acquired from the animals for 40 days before the Easter. Today, a number of people who adopt such a thing is quite low when compared to previous years. Some of the Christian communities celebrate this day with festivals, while some of them prefer more humble celebrations. This special period has different names among the different nations, however, all of them include fasting during the period.

Why Is Lent Celebrated?

how many days until Lent endsJust like the Muslims’ fasting, Christians have their own traditions which are a little bit different than the similar versions. In this way, they can learn to control their feelings which are hard to control as a human being. As you know Christian belief system is different among different sects and the Lent may also vary depending on the sects. Lent can teach a person to show respect to mother nature as well as control some of your main urges. It is one of the great ways to teach how to control your urges along with the help of other people who have the same conditions with you.

Most of the Christian families come together during this special period in order to have meals as a family. You can pay a visit to your family and have a great dinner with them. It seems like there are no more options rather than your personal plans during this period since it is not a federal holiday. However since there is plenty of time to make some plans, you can make your own plans and have some good time with your friends and beloved ones.

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