How Many Days are in Hanukkah?

How many days in Hanukkah?

How many days are there in Hanukkah?

According to the Hebrew calendar, the Feast of Hanukkah starts on the 25th of Kislev’s moon and lasts for eight days. It is celebrated as a feast of rebirth in lights and in God. Hanukkah means heavenly or benevolence in Hebrew. Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, changes every year as to when the festival is celebrated. When we look at the 2017 calendar for Hanukkah, it starts with the 12th of December and completes with on the 20th of December.

How are people celebrating Hanukkah?

how many days are in hanukkah, how many days is hanukkah, hanukkah how many daysFor eight nights, by adding a candle on each night, people light Hanukkah candles, and this miracle is renewed and houses are filled with light. The candles are lined up during Hanukkah from right to left and lighted from left to right while burning. Hanukkah can take place at home in two different places. The first and preferred is to put the menorah hat with its candles in front of the window so that anyone who crosses the path can witness this miracle. The other is to place it at the left of the entrance as you enter the door. Hanukkah candles do not move from one place to another while burning. They can be taken to the desired place after unlit.

We have described how many days are in Hanukkah in this article. If you want to follow how many days until Hanukkah, you can check this next topic.

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