(2018) How Many Days until Labor Day?

How Many Days Until Labor Day 2018?

When: September 3, 2018 – Monday

How Many Weeks Until Labor Day?

When: September 3, 2018 – Monday

How Many Months Until Labor Day?

When: September 3, 2018 – Monday

When İs Labor Day?

When is Labor Day?

Year Date Weekday
2017 September 4 Monday
2018 September 3 Monday
2019 September 2 Monday
2020 September 7 Monday
2021 September 6 Monday
2022 September 5 Monday
2023 September 4 Monday
2024 September 2 Monday
2025 September 1 Monday
2026 September 7 Monday

Labor Day is a celebration day in consideration of workers’ economic and social rights on the first Monday of September every year in the USA. The first Monday of September in 2017 coincides with September 4. The Labor day coincides with the date of September 3 in 2018.

The USA celebrates Labor Day which is the unofficial declaration of ending the summer and holiday season. In this day, all schools, public enterprises, banks, corporations and Wall Street Stock Exchange is closed. Beaches and outdoor pools all around the country are closed for this day.

Only meaning for labourer – 1 day holiday

How Many Days Until Labor DayLabor Day have been celebrating from 1882 since the acceptance of labor unions’ 1-day feast request. It started celebration as a federal feast with a law issued in 1894. On the contrary of May 1 worker’s day in the world, going beyond the politic demand primarily, transformed to a cultural day totally nowadays. For most people, it’s a day which rises weekend holiday to 3 days. Because of being the last important holiday of the summer season, it causes a serious amount of travel traffic. Beaches, pools and many summer facilities accept “labor day” as the finishing of the summer season. Many people wonder that  “when is labor day” “how many days until labor day” how many days till labor day” in the USA because it’s a so important day.

At the same time, this day is the starting date of NCAA College Soccer and American Soccer season. The first matches on NCAA are played at “labor day” weekend. In the NFL American Football League, the first games of the season are played on the first Thursday after ‘labor day’. New York’s largest cultural walk takes place on Labor Day. Approximately 4 million people attend the annual “West Indian Parade”  walk in Brooklyn. This walk is organizing in Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn which draws together expats from Puerto Rico, Dominic Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, Trinidad Tobago, Belize, Bahamas, Guyana, Virgin Islands and many small islands community. We’ve mentioned about the “when is labor day” question of millions of people and we’ve added countdown at above part of the text for the answer of “how many days till labor day”.


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