(2018)How many days until Halloween?

How many days until Hallowen 2018?

31 October 2018 Wednesday

How many weeks until Halloween 2018?

How many months until Halloween 2018?

When is Halloween?

Year Date Weekday
2018 31 October Wednesday
2019 31 October Thursday
2020 31 October Saturday
2021 31 October Sunday
2022 31 October Monday
2023 31 October Tuesday
2024 31 October Thursday
2025 31 October Friday
2026 31 October Saturday

The Halloween is celebrated every October 31st each year and celebrated by the Western countries generally. The roots of the Halloween actually go back to Pagan and then to the first Christian practices. The Halloween, which represents the end of harvest time and the beginning of winter in the beginning, is a special day with a different meaning combined with the influence of Christianity. Halloween means “Evening of All Holes” in the old language. According to the different sources from different countries, Halloween was first celebrated in pre-Christian times in England, Ireland and Scotland. While the Celts celebrate the day when the harvest festival is over, the Christians, who settled on the stage of history centuries later, are now celebrating their lives in the name of all sacred saints and religions to commemorate the martyrs.

On the contrary of many other religious based festivals, Halloween is celebrated on October 31st each year. Nowadays, we’ve left the month of March and started the month of April. So, it’s too easy to calculate how many days for the Halloween Day in this year. You will see the countdown above in this page to follow the number of days until Halloween.

how many days until halloween countdown, how many days till halloween australia, how many days are there until halloween, how many days left until halloween There are different special traditions for Halloween. Let’s mention about them briefly :
Pumpkin: Pumpkin is one of the important symbols of Halloween. Before the holiday, pumpkins of various sizes are carved, shaped and displayed in front of the houses. The pumpkin is used today in the radish in Ireland and Scotland. It was thought that the bad spirits would be scared by this practice, no matter what it was made of.
Foods: One of the most common foods consumed on holiday besides pumpkin is apple sugar. Homemade apple candies are served to children. Homemade chocolates and candies are also often consumed.

Costumes: In order not to be recognized by souls walking around according to tradition, children usually wear their costumes and paint their faces. Then they visit the surrounding houses to show their costumes.
The roots of many Halloween festivals celebrated by various countries each year with various fun and activities are based on the Samhain Festival of Pagan people Celtics, who lived in Great Britain, Ireland and Northern France 2000 years ago. According to the belief, those who died at the end of October were believed to have visited the world, the beginning of winter and the end of harvest. At celebrations, people dressed in various costumes and masks to avoid recognizing the souls they believed they were walking around with. Over time, the Samhain Festival began to identify with witches, folk, and demons.

You will find the answers to different questions about Halloween in this article. You can follow the countdown on this page to see how many days there are until Halloween. Also, you can find the answers of “When is Halloween?” and “When does the Halloween celebrate?” on this page.

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