(2018) How Many Days until Easter?

How many days until Easter?

When is Easter 2018? April, 1, 2018-Sunday

How many weeks until Easter?

How many Months until Easter?

Easter means the resurrection of Jesus which considered the greatest feast of Christianity. Easter Day is the first Sunday after the full moon is seen on March 21, when the spring day of the year falls. For this reason, the date of Easter Day can change in different years. In general, the second Sunday of April month is recommended for Easter date. It’s so popular between Christian people and all Christian denominations celebrate Easter according to their own religious traditions. The “Mother Mary’s Mother Easter” celebrated by the Assyrians in July is also included in the concept of Easter. The Easter period is roughly from late March to late April, with differences between Eastern and Western churches. Easter Day is celebrated on Sunday, with many of the world’s churches not being held on a fixed date every year.

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When we look at the Easter Day date of 2017, it will be celebrated on April 16. You can find the countdown in this page above if you want to follow the how many days there are until Easter? When we look at the Easter Day for next year, it will be celebrated between April 1 and April 8.
There are different celebrations of Easter Day in different churches in different countries all over the world under today’s conditions. For example, In Catholic churches, the new fire is blessed and Easter candles are burned in the Easter-night prayer; parts from holy writs are read, baptism ceremonies are held. On the other hand, in the Greek and Russian Orthodox churches, a ritual ceremony outside the church is held before the nightly rites; Mockery, no light is on the way out of the church; In turn, hundreds of candles are burnt to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus. Easter comes from the Hebrew word “pass” which means “passage.” Easter, which expresses the resurrection of Jesus, is considered the greatest feast of Christian belief. In all Roman languages, the source of Easter is Pascha in Latin languages. Pascua in Spanish, Pasqua in Italian and Catalan, Pâques in French, Páscoa in Portuguese and Pashto in Rumence.
However, we want to mention about the dates of Easter Day in next years.

When is Easter?

When is Easter?

Year Date Weekday
2018 1 April Sunday
2019 21 April Sunday
2020 12 April Sunday
2021 4 April Sunday
2022 17 April Sunday
2023 9 April Sunday
2024 31 March Sunday
2025 20 April Sunday
2026  5 April Sunday

Easter is celebrated by all Christians. Apart from the rituals commonly held in churches, there are different traditions according to the country they celebrate. Among these are the most common people giving each other Easter bunnies and Easter eggs, usually made from chocolate. Easter contains a preparation period and last week (Sacred Week) of the five weeks (Great Diet) continues for a while. It ends with the Easter Day (Resurrection Day).
Finally, you will see the answers to different questions about Easter for this and next 8 years in this article. Firstly, we’ve mentioned about the answer of “how many days until Easter?”. In addition, we’ve explained the general concept of Easter for Christian people all over the world. Also, you can follow the dates of Easter for next years. You can also see how many days left to the Easter in this year with our countdown.

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