How many days until Earth Day?

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How many days are there until earth day?

When: 22 April 2018 Sunday

Earth day is celebrated on April 22th every year in the world. We can say it’s one of the most important environmental organizations of the world which is celebrated by millions of people from different countries all over the world under today’s world conditions. When we look at the historical process of Earth day, we can see that it was a kind of Unesco project. This special day was firstly celebrated in San Francisco, USA in 1969 with its original name “Earth Day“. The main focus of the organization was attracting people’s interest to the environment problems and their solutions.

The event to draw attention to the environmental catastrophes that threatened the world was first portrayed in 1970 with official participation. About 20 million Americans participated in the demonstrations in 1970 and it provided some solutions to the biggest environmental problems like water and air cleanliness with legal regulations in the USA. When we look at the global perspective, there are more than 150 countries which are celebrating the Earth day and taking precautions about the environmental problems. Earth Day, celebrated by activist John McConell, known for his steps on peace, was proposed every year on April 22, 1969 to draw attention to environmental pollution. Earth Day is celebrated to remember the life and continuity of the ecosystem of our living world.

Earth Day Celebration

Finally, we can say Earth Day celebration was one of the most important steps in the world history to find solutions about environmental problems. If you want to learn that how many days are there until earth day this year, you will find a countdown in the top of this page to see the number of days remaining to Earth day. You can take detailed information about the celebration programs and official documents from the website of related ministry in your country, and you can also have an active role about protecting our environment in different regions of the world. The global warming and water and air pollution are the main problems of our planet today.

How many days until Earth Day?

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