How Many Days Until Columbus Day 2018?

How Many Days Until Columbus Day 2018?

When: October 12, 2018 – Friday

In the event that you wonder how many days until Columbus Day, you can track it thanks to the countdown we have located above.

How Many Weeks Until Columbus Day?

How Many Months Until Columbus Day?

What Is Columbus Day?

Columbus Day is another legal holiday which is organized only in the United States in order to commemorate the explorer of the American continent, i.e., Christopher Columbus. The citizens of the United States celebrate this day since 1937 and events which are organized in this day is becoming better with each passing day.

Who Is Christopher Columbus?

Christopher Columbus is the explorer who stepped on the American continent on October 12, 1492, which he named the continent as the New World. The New World term is still being used by many people in all around the world as well. This sailor visited many countries in those years however his biggest achievement is the exploration of the continent.

Why Is Columbus Day Important?

Christopher Columbus is the guy who explored the continent for the first time and it may not be possible to form the United States if he would not do that. Everything would be totally different in case the continent would be explored one century later. This is why most of the Americans celebrate this day, in order to show their gratitude to him.

What Can You Do on Columbus Day?

There are many events organized in all around the world and most of them are entertaining. You can attend one of these events or take you kids and watch one of the ceremonies to honor Columbus. In addition to these, some of the events include theater which portrays the time when he discovered the continent. This educational show can be very useful for your children to learn more about the history of the United State and you can have fun as a parent too.

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