How Many Days Till Christmas 2017-2018?

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How Many Days Until Christmas? Christmas countdown


When: 25 December 2017 – Monday

What is Christmas ?

Christmas is a Christian festival celebrated Jesus’ birth on the 25th December every year. Since the beginning of 20th Century, Christmas also started to be celebrated as free of religious motives and concentrated around gifts which also celebrated by non-Christian people. In this secular Christmas version, the mythological figure Santa Claus plays an important role. We’ve shared the number of days before the Christmas day and when the Christmas started. (how many days until christmas)(when is christmas)

When is Christmas celebrated?

Chrismas is celebrated by the majority of Christians in the world on the 25th December every year. The celebrations start on 24th December with Christmas eve and continues until the night of 26th December in some countries. Such as the Armenian Church, some Eastern Orthodox Churches celebrate Christmas on 6th January equivalent to 25th December on Julian calendar. In countries where Christians are majority of community, Christmas is combined with Christmas holiday tasting practically.

when is christmas when is christmas day when is christmas eve when is christmas break when is christmas celebratedThe reason of some Orthodox Churches’ celebration of Chrismas pursuant to Julian calendar is Gregorian Calendar’s arranged by Catholic Papa XIII. Gregory. However, some Orthodox Churches had transformed into Gregorian Calendar and started to celebrate on 25th December.

Christmas comes from Natalis (birth) word in Latinian language as etymological. Christmas means Weihnachten in German, Navidad in Spanish, Natale in Italian and Noël in French.

It is expressed as Christmas in English, it can be appeared as Xmas additionally, it’s accepted as Yule in Pagan belief. Yule is a winter celebration which continues between 21th December winter solstice and next 12 days.

Christmas and the New Year are so similar. You can go  how many days until new year subject and you can follow the time period that remaining to the new year.

Christmas Tree

In Christmas, the tree decoration tradition is based on old times which is celebrated as Jesus’s birthday. This tradition can be seen in ancient Egypt, China and Jews during Pagan period. For those who wish to decorate a Christmas tree, you can follow the “how many days until christmas” article above.

Yule – the premise of Christmas

Yule is an old Pagan celebration. It’s known as the premise of Christmas. There are opinions that the Yule celebration of Pagan culture after the spread of Christianity has evolved.

Is there any relationship between Christmas and New Year ?

New year means the completion of a year and beginning of a new year. There is no relationship with Christmas, but some rituals applied in modern times on Christmas celebrations used by non-Christian societies in New Year celebrations commonly.

how many days until christmas

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a mythological character who brings gifts to well-behaved children at Christmas night or morning. Santa Claus’s most known name in the world is Santa Claus, who has a different name in the mythology of each country. We’ve added a countdown above if you ask  “How many days until christmas ?”. Follow the countdown in order to see Santa Claus.

Where can you find these dates?

You can find the exact date of how many days till Christmas is left to arrive on various websites on the Internet. If you were looking forward to the next year, then this article would help you to understand the countdown to Christmas. So wait with your fingers crossed till the 25th December for New Year to arrive soon.

How Many Days Till Christmas 2017-2018?

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